Switching to Final Cut Pro X

The expand arrow that does nothing

When you click on an event and point the arrow down – nothing shows inside it BUT it will have appeared in the pane to the right. Not sure if this is a bug but it is very different to most other apps and Mac OS

Odd names for folders timelines & projects

There are now radically different names for the most basic things like a project or sequence/timeline

There is also a thing called a “folder” in there 🙂 but yet to work out hierarchically where that sits.


Thanks to Glen Elliot for this perfect (plainly explained) image.

Everything is sub-filed in dated folders

To stop every thing being filed into folders with dates on them. You need to click the little gear icon at the bottom left and select “Group Clips By” and change it to “none”. Thanks to Larry Jordan for help on this one.

Switch to the position tool

For your first few outings, change from the default “Select” tool to the “Position” tool. Everything auto-positions a little less and it will feel a bit more traditional NLE.