Fidra environmental film

Thrilled to have worked with awesome local environmental charity Fidra, on this film highlighting the issue of Forever Chemicals PFAS. We had to move fast so the film could be tied in with the launch of Mark Ruffalo’s Dark Waters, which flags up how PFAS has poisoned a whole U.S. town (Erin Brockovich without the laughs)

Fidra are based just down the road from us in North Berwick and do excellent work. In an era of misinformation it is reassuring to have an organisation whose mission statement is:

“Use the best available science to identify & understand environmental issues, developing pragmatic and proportionate responses through collaboration and dialogue with the public, industry and government”

Gill Robertson from Catherine Wheels came into the studio and helped us refine our ideas, wonderful Art Direction from Stephen Charles helping us take our concepts from storyboard to screen, and our friends and amazing musicians Julian & Kirsty crafted the soundtrack. For this project everything was created in-house to keep costs down, but we are really pleased with the resulting film.

Visit Fidra’s dedicated PFAS website to find out more!