High Schools Art & Media

D fie foe’s Jonathan Charles in Secondary Schools contributing to Higher Media plus Nat 5 media & NPA Film & Media courses

Higher Media is a school qualification course which is designed to enable candidates to analyse and create media content and to think critically about the media and its role in everyday life. You’ll find students across Scotland taking this course and setting about understanding media theory and creating media content themselves.

There are so many talented and creative students out there and we are always impressed by their commitment and flair.

Jonathan was invited as visiting filmmaker/facilitator to several High Schools this year and has worked with english/Media and Art teachers to complement their course teaching, with delivery of an introductory powerpoint packed full of facts and pointers, as well as practical film activities to a range of art and media and English department students too.

Info about the careers to be had in the creative industries is always met with great enthusiasm by teachers and pupils of the arts – it’s clear that the arts can be a lucrative avenue to take. It’s more about STEAM these days, rather than STEM !

“New statistics reveal the Creative Industries sector is growing more than five times faster than the national economy”

Jonathan was in working with  pupils and teachers at James Young High School, Dunbar Grammar & Bathgate Academy, Prestonlodge High School recently (as well as a Teachers animation twilight at Ross High School). He discussed Higher media & Nat 5 media courses with them, plus NPA Film&Media. He also worked with four Art classes teaching them the fundamentals of animation! So he’s been busy!

“The creative industries encompass the best and brightest of UK businesses and these figures paint a vibrant picture of creativity and talent in our country today.”

This creative industries statistic was source of great discussion with pupils and teachers alike. Lots of questions asked and lots of discussions had – leaving lots of inspired young people with real ‘go for it’ attitudes. We wish them all best of luck with their media & arts projects going forwards!

Thanks to Screen Scotland and East Lothian Council for Lothian’s schools creative media funding. Screen Scotland is responsible for driving development of all aspects of Scotland’s film and tv industry, through funding and strategic support.