Multi school film project

D fie foe have been working on an exciting multi-school collaborative film titled A matter of time. Created by High School and Primary pupils, the schools set up as four separate business teams to get their film made on schedule and on budget.

Musselburgh Grammar School pupils acted as the production company and steered the whole script, voice recording and final edit. Whitecraig Primary School P7’s carefully designed and created all the artwork; Burgh Primary School learnt the skills of professional animators to bring the story to life; and finally Pinkie St Peters Primary crafted the dynamic soundtrack music and added sound effects to make sure the audience are gripped or relaxed at all the right moments.

Each school business team had to present their work to another client school before the film could move to the next stage. These were anxious moments, as each team explained what they had created, and how it fitted the brief, but all teams were hugely supportive of each other. These were also fun days as the Primary School pupils mixed with pupils whom they will meet at Musselburgh Grammar School next year.

The project was facilitated by D fie foe, with David Trouton a brilliant musician. Funded and fully supported by by East Lothian Council’s Arts Service,

The films story focuses on two heroes, happy with their simple carefree lives; until an evil villain with robotic dogs threatens their towns existence. They travel into an apocalyptic future to understand how bad their world might become if they don’t stop him. The film is intended as an allegory for how time is running out for planet earth!

This 10-minute short film uses a 2d cutout style of animation.